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Smart Bar Plant

Price €24.95

Smart Bar Plant from Phd are 100% vegetable energy bars, which are full of flavor, giving you the power for the next round! Each bar contains 23 grams of vegetable proteins, making it the ideal bar to support your body during sports and / or recovery. These vegan bars are a guilt-free snack!

Smart Bar

Price €24.95

Phd's Smart Bar was one of the most bought protein bars in 2018 due to its industry-leading taste and texture. This bar contains the perfect macros, 20g of protein per bar and less than 2g of sugar. A bar that is too tasty not to take in between!

Vegan Protein Isolate
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Vegan Protein Isolate | Peak

Price €14.95

Vegan Protein is the herbal alternative for the delivery of high-quality proteins from Peak Performance Products. The matrix combines rice protein isolate and pea protein isolate, two of the most effective plant protein sources.

SynPro Vegan | SynTech Nutrition

Price €62.85

SynPro Vegan is a “plant-based” protein, consisting 100% of high-quality Pea Protein Isolate. SynPro Vegan has a complete amino acid profile, and is lactose, gluten and soy free. This makes SynPro Vegan an ideal protein shake for athletes who have an intolerance or are allergic to protein sources of animal origin, such as Whey or Casein.

SynPro Matrix | SynTech Nutrition

Price €62.90

SynPro Matrix is ​​a powerful Time-Release matrix of fast, intermediate and slow protein fractions: 3 types of whey proteins (whey protein hydrolyzate, isolate and concentrate), egg albumin, soy protein isolate and micellar casein. The gradual digestion of the different protein fractions creates a continuous supply of amino acids.

Creatine by Creapure®

Price €25.90

Creatine by Creapure® from SynTech Nutrition increases physical performance during consecutive spurts of short, high intensity exercises. SynTech ™ 's goal is to provide the safest and most effective creatine in the world. When it comes to purity, safety and efficiency, there is no other type of creatine that rivals the level of Creapure®, patented and recognized worldwide as the reference point for creatine.

BCAA | SynTech Nutrition

Price €25.90

SynTech Nutrition's BCAAs are the branched chain amino acids L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine. They belong to the group of the essential amino acids, which cannot be produced by the body itself. That is why these 3 essential amino acids are important for athletes.

SynTsize Mass | SynTech Nutrition

Price €49.90

Many gainers are regular sugar bombs with a minimum of protein and other expensive ingredients. SynTsize Mass, on the other hand, is an all-in-one quality gainer that contains the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and Creapure® Creatine, Beta-Alanine and HMB in the optimal effective dosages.

SynOxy Boost | SynTech Nutrition

Price €36.90

SynOxy Boost is a highly concentrated pre-workout supplement for high intensity and endurance training. SynOxy Boost contains a combination of L-Citrulline Malate and Vinitrox ™. This combination ensures an optimal effect.

Aesthetic Whey | SynTech Nutrition

Price €54.90

Aesthetic Whey has been specially developed for athletes who want to "shape" their bodies and work on a great aesthetic physique. Aesthetic Whey combines the two main supplements: Whey Protein and Creatine, supplemented with Zinc.

Aesthetic Mass | SynTech Nutrition

Price €59.90

Aesthetic Mass from SynTech Nutrition has been specially formulated for hard gainers who are fine-tuning everything to achieve a great athletic body that is both massive and aesthetic. Aesthetic Mass contains a combination of all important mass packer ingredients: whey proteins with maltodextrin, creatine, ZMA and a vitamin blend.

L-Arginine | SynTech Nutrition

Price €18.90

L-Arginine from SynTech Nutrition is a very versatile product and intended for athletes who are looking for a pure Arginine product, without a mix with other ingredients. Each capsule contains 1000mg of L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate.

Creatine Monohydrate | SynTech Nutrition

Price €16.90

Creatine Monohydrate from SynTech Nutrition increases physical performance during consecutive spurts of short, high intensity exercises. Therefore, it is suitable for fitness, body building, martial arts, sprinters and other explosive sports. Cyclists and football players also sometimes have to do spurts and therefore also use the ATP energy system during their sport.

Aestr-X | SynTech Nutrition

Price €34.90

Aestr-X from SynTech Nutrition is a powerful pre-workout specially formulated without creatine and carbohydrates. Some athletes do not want creatine in their pre-workout as they already take it separately or are in a “cycle-off” phase.

SynPro Whey | SynTech Nutrition

Price €34.90

SynPro Whey is an “instant whey” protein of excellent quality. It consists of a whey protein isolate and a whey protein concentrate. SynPro Whey is rich in BCAAs and glutamine and low in fat. It is quickly absorbed by the body and has a high bioavailability.

CLA 1000mg | SynTech Nutrition

Price €22.90

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is a fatty acid found in most meat and milk products. It is made from safflower oil and contains no stimulants. CLA has the perfect blend of two active isomers (c9, t11) and (t10, c12).

SynFlex | SynTech Nutrition

Price €26.90

SynFlex from SynTech Nutrition is a high-end formula for connective tissue (component of bones), ligaments (which serve to hold bones together at the joints), tendons (which connect muscle to bone) and cartilage (which connects bones and is found in joints and intervertebral discs).

100% Whey | SynTech Nutrition

Price €27.90

100% Whey from SynTech Nutrition is a protein shake that contains only sources of whey protein concentrate. 100% Whey is of high quality, tastes good and mixes easily. 100% Whey contains 5.3 grams of BCAAs and 4.1 grams of Glutamine per serving. It is a fast absorbing protein and has a high biological value.

SynTsize Pump | SynTech Nutrition

Price €54.90

SynTsize Pump from SynTech Nutrition is an all-in-one pre-workout product of the latest generation. SynTsize Pump has high doses of active ingredients and contains 2g of BCAAs per serving that maintain amino acid levels during training.

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